Friday, March 16, 2012

OPI Thanks a WindMillion : Holland Collection

You Likey? Me Likey!

This is OPI’s Windamillion from their Holland Collection. Now let me pause for a brief confession. Yes I am a nail polish junkie and yes I had no clue about the Holland Collection until I picked this up and researched it on my way home. No typing and driving though. I started looking at the collection and saw a ton of colors that I wanted to try. Gasp! Who am I to not even know this existed. Send me to the room to be stoned… not to death though maybe oneeeee tiny rock!

It definitely takes on different colors in different lighting. I absolutely love this color! One of my friend’s stated that it reminded of the ever so FAMOUS For Audrey by China Glaze. It does but it has more of a mysterious vibe to it .. it’s so subtle and sexy! I love this and it can seriously become one of those colors that I put with everything like Essie’s Sand Tropez!

What do you think?
Is my starbucks making you thirsty! Lol it’s been one of those mornings I so needed it!

If you're intested the full colors of the collection is below

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Coach Madison Lindsey

Finally! I was able to get my hands on the bag that I have been lusting over for MONTHS!
Coach Usually has their Factory sale's where they have things discounted for purchase. 
I did not want to spend full retail on this so I waited and waited and waited. 

They had their sale earlier this well and I was super excited to find my bag. I purchased it in black and cannot wait to get it in the mail. The blue interior makes me melt and smile at the same time. Omg I love this bag... Love Love Love! 

This bag was produced as Coach's 70th Anniversary Handbag. In my eyes that definitely makes it a classic and I had to have it. It comes in so many different variations that are unique and make the bag look different in each one. I actually own one of these in Patent Leather but I wanted the Nylon version so bad. Handbag Addict!!!! If you really aren't comfortable wearing this size they offer the same styler in a smaller version. That version is called the Madison Sophia. It is actually the same bag just cut in half. 

Below are some of the other styles the Coach Madison Lindsey comes in

Friday, March 9, 2012

Every single time I say Caliente I feel the need to say Mommy afterwards
Ole' Caliente Mommyyyy!!
Maybe someone has said that to me a couple of thousands of times in my life... Lol Just Playing!

So did you gag at this photo above or did you GAG?

Essie - Ole Caliente
I LOVE this new color by Essie! Home Freaking Run! I normaly hate all types of red's or polishes that come close to red but this is gorgeous. When you see it in the bottle you can tell it has this red/orange/pink color to it. You can't really tell that much in the photos but it reminds me of OPI's Cajun Shrimp. If you have that color or seen it before this mimic's it but with less orange. I can say that I have always hated Cajun Shrimp.
This color goes on smooth and it just overall really looks good! I used two coats for the Essie.

Wet N' Wild
Now lets get into the Wet n' Wild ... (P.S) If you were holding your breath you can breathe now. The Grey is amazzzzzzzzzing. I don't know what's in these new Wet N' Wild Polishes but they are so great compared to what they use to be. I have about three different name brand's of this same color and this one is BY FAR THE BEST! and it's way cheaper than the others too. At first I kept saying I love the Wet n' Wild better than the Essie but after about a day or so I really love them both. They have these new brushes that I've used before in other polished and HATED but this size is just perfect. It's the thicker brush but it doesn't have rough brussles like the others that have the wider brush.

FYI: I have on Orly's BONDER underneath these colors and on top.

and FYI.I.I Yall know I don't clean up my nails before taking pics, don't try to judge me on the low, lol

Black Opal - Fantasia Plum

Never tried any Black Opal products before so I decided to give it a try. I've been on the hunt to find the perfect lipstick. Probably totally impossible but it gives me the chance to try many colors :)

This color is called Fantasia Plum and I really love it. I was nervous when I pulled it out because I thought it would be way too loud. I don't have a lip liner on in this picture so it's just bare on my lips over my EOS lip balm. This lipstick is super moisturizing on my lips and it doesn't stain. I really love this color and lipstick. I'll be trying a little bit more of their products for sure.

I likey! 

Orly Bonder

I have been experimenting with a couple of Top/Base coats for the past couple of months and I think I've found a complete winner. Inititally I was using OPI's top coat but found that it gets really thick after a couple of uses. When I say thick trust me I mean T.H.I.C.K. Then I started to use Revlon's top coat but noticed that it created tiny bubbles in my nail polish. Of course I was probably the only one who could see but it annoyed the living day lights out of me!
Retail CVS $6.99

On my next search I couldn't decide between Essie and Orly but obviously ended up with Orly.
I can seriously say that this is the best damn Base Coat polish that I have EVER used. It went on super smooth and dried immediately. The only downfall to this product which is awfully huge is that it SMELLS! ... O..M..G! The smell is so LOUD and disturbing with this polish so it's a catch 22. I love what it does for my nails but that smell is just ... goodness .. P.U!

I will be repurchashing this until I find something better!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sinful Colors Bare & Cinderella

As stated before I am into nude colors like crazy! I picked these up during sinful colors .99 cent sale maybe three weeks ago I believe.

I like this color of course it's a Nude color that's super light but it has a tint of color. What I don't like about it is the thickness. :( I don't know why it was so (globby) if that's a word. I had to basically use a little bit on each nail and then go back over it so it wouldn't look TOO thick. Other than that I really think it's a gorgeous color because although it's a nude it has a pink color to it also.

I honestly just loved the name because Cinderella is one of my favorite movies. The good thing is that I did end up liking this color also. It's a powdery blue but it also has silvery glitter specks to enhance the blue. I think that even if you are far away you can still see the shimmer in the blue. I had to give this 3 coats because it originally came out almost sheer, so if you want it to be dark like in the picture then 3 is fine.

Here is another picture in light so you can actually see the pink undertones in BARE